NEWS!: Loserdom #23 hitting the stands this week!!.
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Out Now: Loserdom #23

Loserdom is a D.I.Y. zine from Dublin, Ireland. Covering such topics as punk rock, D.I.Y., independent music, cycling, bikes, political, anti-war, among other things. It is put together by Anto and Eugene (the Loser brothers). The first issue was in June 1996 as a freesheet, since then the brothers have released another eighteen issues. More

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Still Available: Loserdom #22

A few reprints left: Loserdom #21


Still Available: Loserdom #20




76 A5 pages featuring:

Corks' Fanzine Heyday: Interviews with classic Cork zines:
- Morty, Sunny Days
- Jim Comic, Choc-a-Bloc
- Fergus, Warm Socks
- Mark, Nay Nay and Thrice Nay, Violent Phobia
- Seán, Protest, illustrator

Rendition flights at Shannon Airport: Interview with peace activist Ed Horgan
Cycletouring the Montes de Andalucia: biketrip story by Peadar
Cork World Naked Bike Ride: account of the clothes- free cycle
Book Reviews by Julia Fossil
Living with mental health column by Craig Upheaval
Zine reviews and more

€3 or €4 postpaid.

Available from see contact page.


drinkin tea


60 A4 pages featuring:

- The Punk Connection: 28 page comic. The Loser Bros are on the case to crack some dodgy dealings in the scene
- Wizards of Firetop Mountain: Dublin D.I.Y. rocker punks interviewed
- Early Irish Fanzines: Neu Carnage. Gerry Molyneaux interviewed
- Dublin Comic Jam, we get the lowdown on the monthly night
- Sorry State of Affairs: chat with Joe Glynn about the state of the economy and some reasons for optimism!
- Nutrition, obesity: get active. Article by Eugene
- Books Can Save Your Life: story by Maken
- Hand bound as usual
- Zine reviews

€3.50 or €4.50 postpaid.

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76 Pages of quality content!

W/ Stylish screen-printed cover

- Back To The Cycleworks Part 2 comic: Long awaited follow up to Loser Bros time travel caper.
- 'Remember the Dalkey Punks?' Folk history article/ interviews of the Dalkey/Dun Laoghaire street punks from early 80's
- 'Busking the Streets of Dublin' Interview with Dublin busker Maire Ní Bheaglaoich
- Recession comic by Laura lmnop
- Sean Kelly Tour of Ireland comic
- Report from GGI Festival
- Bikes and Public Transport by Nev
- Recommended Books: 'Erasing Iraq' and 'It Makes You Want to Spit' reviewed
- Seven Inch Roundup
- New Music
- Zine reviews and more!

€3 or €4 postpaid.

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60 Pages long featuring:

Classy double-sided screen-printed cover

Interviews with:
Cécile of La Fanzinothèque,Poitiers, France
Darcy about FOMACS and digital storytelling
Skub of Sadness of Noise Records

The French Punk Paradox
Co-op 'Boycott Israel' Debate
Loser in School

Seven Inch Report
Paranoid Visions play the 'borough review!
Kidd Blunt tribute
Winter swimming!
Zine reviews and more!

€3 or €4 postpaid.








View short film of the brothers hard at work making issue 14

Eugene lino-printing back cover of Loserdom 14. Film by Marian.

Anto collating and binding Loserdom 14. Music by Life At These Speeds. Film by Vinnie.

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